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Dr. Seuss

I dig music.

My main beat is classic rock / punk / new wave / 60s-90s. I've written books on Bruce Springsteen, baseball, and travel, as well as two novels. caryn dot rose at gmail.

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Medical article

Crowdfunding For Your Sick Guitarist The Smart Way

Sixty percent of bankruptcies in the U.S. are the result of medical debt. Caryn Rose speaks to nonprofit Sweet Relief on how they help musicians try to avoid that fate.

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The Complicated Truth About Chuck Berry - MTV

How I figured out a way to love his music in spite of his often-unsavory story

12 bruce springsteen.w529.h352.2x article

All 314 Bruce Springsteen Songs, Ranked -- Vulture

In 1974, a random phrase popped into Bruce Springsteen's head as he was writing, one that seemed to match the music he was hearing in his mind. It took Springsteen six months to turn that phrase, “Born to Run,” into a song, and it was a watershed moment for his work: the first time he wrote a song with the studio in mind rather than how it would sound onstage.

Richards berry 620x412 article

“Hail! Hail! Rock ‘n’ Roll” offers a candid Insight into Chuck Berry

Keith Richards worked like a dog to get Chuck Berry's 60th-birthday concert right and Berry treated him like one

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Revisiting JohnnyThunders and the Heartbreakers's 'L.A.M.F.' Live ...

Members of Blondie, Guns 'N Roses, MC5, and The Replacements gathered at Bowery Electric to pay tribute to the New York Doll's most iconic moments.

07991c3b article

The Rolling Stones’ Shameless Self-Mythologizing: Coming Soon to a Museum Near You | Pitchfork

Mick, Keef, and co. throw themselves a massive exhibit that reaffirms their view of the Stones’ legacy, mirroring flaws they’ve had with overt commerciality in the past.

Gimme danger 620x412 article

More than a real cool time: Jim Jarmusch’s “Gimme Danger” is essential viewing for Stooges fans -

Jarmusch's documentary is a labor of love, covering both the glory and the tragedies of Iggy Pop's legendary band

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Bruce Springsteen And The Political Tour That Wasn’t - MTV

After years of advocacy, why has he been mostly silent on this year’s presidential race?

Bruce springsteen btr 620x412 article

The Book of Bruce: “Born to Run” is the Springsteen Bible fans have been waiting for -- Salon

Springsteen's memoir is thrilling, heartbreaking and aspirational — and sometimes charmingly rendered in ALL-CAPS

Bruce springsteen9 article

“Chapter & Verse”: A close read of the companion album to his memoir -- Salon

Bruce's collection is closely tied to the music discussed in the book, and there are some curious omissions

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Mike Watt: “ring spiel” tour '95 Album Review | Pitchfork

This live album captures one night in the unlikely, alt-rock-superstar-laden tour behind Minutemen legend Mike Watt's first solo album, featuring Eddie Vedder, Dave Grohl, and more.

Tennessee article
Brooklyn Magazine

Musical Map of the USA: Tennessee: "Hold On, I'm Coming" --- Sam & Dave

Musical Map of the USA: Tennessee—Sam & Dave

Screen shot 2016 06 10 at 2.26.40 pm article
Brooklyn Magazine

Hey! Ho! Let's Go: Living Through The Ramones Exhibit

I am a relic, standing in front of a reliquary.

The leather jackets are the hardest to face, hanging there like empty husks.

Screen shot 2016 05 20 at 6.47.53 pm article
Brooklyn Magazine

Iggy Pop’s Homecoming

I saw Iggy play a show in '86 and the toughest kid's face lit up the first time they got to see Iggy fucking Pop sing "Lust For Life" in the same room.

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National Public Radio

Bruce Springsteen's Tribute To Prince Is A Lesson In Public Mourning

The two musicians both emerged in the 1970s and hit simultaneous critical and commercial peaks a decade later. At a show in Brooklyn on Saturday, The E Street Band covered "Purple Rain."