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Dr. Seuss

I dig music.

My main beat is classic rock / punk / new wave / 60s-90s. I've written books on Bruce Springsteen, baseball, and travel, as well as two novels. caryn dot rose at gmail.

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Tennessee article
Brooklyn Magazine

Musical Map of the USA: Tennessee: "Hold On, I'm Coming" --- Sam & Dave

Musical Map of the USA: Tennessee—Sam & Dave

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Brooklyn Magazine

Hey! Ho! Let's Go: Living Through The Ramones Exhibit

I am a relic, standing in front of a reliquary.

The leather jackets are the hardest to face, hanging there like empty husks.

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Brooklyn Magazine

Iggy Pop’s Homecoming

I saw Iggy play a show in '86 and the toughest kid's face lit up the first time they got to see Iggy fucking Pop sing "Lust For Life" in the same room.