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I dig music.

My main beat is classic rock / punk / new wave / 60s-90s. I've written books on Bruce Springsteen, baseball, and travel, as well as two novels. caryn dot rose at gmail.

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U2 joshua tree 620x412 article

In Trump's country: U2 takes “Joshua Tree” politics back on the road ...

30 years after their blisteringly political album and tour, U2 opts for subtle anti-Trump imagery over big speeches

Richards berry 620x412 article

“Hail! Hail! Rock ‘n’ Roll” offers a candid Insight into Chuck Berry

Keith Richards worked like a dog to get Chuck Berry's 60th-birthday concert right and Berry treated him like one

Bruce springsteen btr 620x412 article

The Book of Bruce: “Born to Run” is the Springsteen Bible fans have been waiting for -- Salon

Springsteen's memoir is thrilling, heartbreaking and aspirational — and sometimes charmingly rendered in ALL-CAPS

Gimme danger 620x412 article

More than a real cool time: Jim Jarmusch’s “Gimme Danger” is essential viewing for Stooges fans -

Jarmusch's documentary is a labor of love, covering both the glory and the tragedies of Iggy Pop's legendary band

Bruce springsteen9 article

“Chapter & Verse”: A close read of the companion album to his memoir -- Salon

Bruce's collection is closely tied to the music discussed in the book, and there are some curious omissions


Behind the music on “Vinyl”: The live show triumph we’ve been waiting all season to see

The season one finale finally nails what it feels like to be present at a legendary concert in the making


Behind the music on “Vinyl”: Patti Smith, more Magic Tramps and Springsteen, who’s “like an approachable Dylan”

On the ninth episode of HBO's series about the '70s music scene, ACR considers swiping the Boss from Columbia


Behind the music on “Vinyl”: Blink and you’ll miss Bruce Springsteen

On episode 8 of HBO's drama about the '70s music scene, we find John Lennon and learn some facts about The Stooges


Behind the music on “Vinyl”: Elvis enters the building, and “the king of rock and roll is singing about lettuce”

In episode 7 of HBO's '70s music scene drama, Richie and Zak head to Vegas to woo the king


Behind the music on “Vinyl”: This is why David Bowie cover bands ...

Episode 6 brings us "Suffragette City," Iggy Pop and Andy Warhol gets knocked out


Your new Replacements bible: “Trouble Boys” tells the truth about the Replacements — if you can handle it -

The new biography, "Trouble Boys," is an unflinching, uncompromising look at the band and the legend


Behind the music on “Vinyl”: The New York Dolls & Lou Reed take the stage, and Pink Floyd abandons the cardinal rule of album cover art -

In Episode 5 of HBO's '70s music miniseries, we get to hear Big Star's "Thirteen" -- but it feels all wrong


Behind the music on “Vinyl”: Getting Sly & the Family Stone all wrong — at the expense of the band’s women -

The HBO show about the music industry in the '70s gets small details right, but drops the ball on major players


Behind the music on “Vinyl”: Did you spot Joey Ramone on last night’s episode?

Episode 3 of HBO's '70s rock love letter features a solid Alice Cooper and a "nutter in a figure skating costume"


Behind the music on “Vinyl”: There are Strokes cover bands that sound more like Lou Reed than this

The 2nd episode of HBO's new drama about the music industry in '73 has both brilliant and embarassing music moments